How to install Waterlee


Download waterlee-boilerplate package from our github channel .

Set it up

Unpack the package and copy the content of app & skin directory into your working magento directory minding that you're installing a theme package.
If you're unfamiliar with how this works check out this article.

The package contains a "JakeSharp" menu extension that runs the magento main category menu on the frontend so take note to install that also.
It can be found at /code/community folder and also don't forget to place the extension's "JakeSharp_Waterlee.xml" file from the /app/etc/modules folder into the same place on your Magento installation.


You'll need to have RubyGems installed on your system in order to get some required gems so you can easily compile your scss&sass to css!
Check this site out for installation and updating:


Our Gemfile is set to use the 4.3.1 version of foundation dependencies so if you haven't already updated please do.
After update, you should use the "bundle exec compass watch" to ensure that you're using the right foundation version.

More on using SASS with waterlee/foundation can be found here.


  •     Don't forget to change current package name in admin panel:
              System > Configuration > General > Design > Package

  •     Waterlee settings need to be enabled under:
              System > Configuration > JAKESHARP WATERLEE > Theme Settings

At the end...

That's it! Take a look at our intro to waterlee for more help. Remember this is a boilerplate, not a production ready theme ;)


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