Intro to Waterlee

Package installed and now what?

First things first, "Waterlee" is not a ready made Magento theme rather it is a boilerplate/framework/style-guide Magento package that enables you to re-use components from the built-in "Foundation 4" library.
If you're not familiar with the "Foundation 4" CSS framework, you should go over there now and get your hands dirty going through their documentation, simply out, using Waterlee means using "Foundation 4". 

To give you a brief overview of what "Foundation 4" is let's take a look at the way it's implemented in Waterlee:


You'll need to know you basic way around using SASS to your advantage. Keep both sites in your bookmarks for future reference, you'll need it.
All the CSS selectors that you'll use are placed inside the .scss files and organized in a way which ensures you're CSS is easily maintained and scalable.

Layout: local.xml

Every layout change that you see first time you run the store with Waterlee theme package is controlled via local.xml placed of course inside the layout folder.
There are some basic overrides, block turned off and theme specific xml. Feel free to read through it to get a feel of what is "updated" using this one xml file.

Menu Extension

In order for the main menu to work with the "Waterlee" theme package, you'll need to install the "JakeSharp/Waterlee" extension. After installing, please log out and log back in to avoid getting that nasty 404 error while trying to access the "Theme settings" which you'll need to activate the menu.

These are the basic notes, we'll keep adding content about waterlee as often as we can, stay tuned.

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